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A movie ticketing app to quickly order ideal seats for in demand movies


In today's fast-paced digital era, the demand for efficient and user-friendly movie ticketing applications is at an all-time high. With countless movies releasing every week and audiences eager to secure their seats, the need for a streamlined and hassle-free ticket ordering process has become paramount. This prompted the conception and design of a revolutionary movie ticketing app that aimed to redefine the way users reserve their ideal seats without the frustration of pop-ups or other distractions that often hinder the overall ordering experience.


The main objective of this UI design project was to create a seamless and intuitive user interface that would allow moviegoers to quickly and effortlessly order their desired seats for popular and high-demand movies. By prioritizing speed, simplicity, and clarity, the design team strived to eliminate common pain points such as slow loading times, confusing navigation, and intrusive elements that can often lead to frustration and user drop-off

My roles

Research, UX and UI design


To ensure a user-centric approach, extensive research was conducted to gather valuable insights and feedback from a diverse pool of participants. A comprehensive survey was administered to approximately 30 individuals representing a wide range of races, ages, and professional backgrounds. The survey aimed to identify their pain points and gather their general opinions on the process of ordering movie tickets, as well as their overall movie-going experiences.

The research revealed a common theme among participants: the frustration caused by slow and confusing ticket ordering systems. Participants expressed a desire for a simplified and intuitive process that allowed them to swiftly secure their preferred seats for highly anticipated movies. Their feedback provided invaluable guidance for the design team, enabling them to develop an app that addresses these pain points and delivers a seamless and efficient movie ticketing experience for all users.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Through in-depth market research and competitive analysis, we identified three key features that set our movie ticketing app apart from competitors and cater to the unique needs of our users.

  1. Interactive 3D Seating Chart: Unlike many other competitors, our app offers an innovative 3D seating chart feature, allowing users to visualize the theater layout and select their preferred seats with ease. This immersive experience enhances the ticket ordering process, enabling users to quickly identify and secure their ideal seats for an enhanced movie-going experience.

  2. Accessibility-Friendly Seating Options: Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, our app goes beyond the standard seating options offered by competitors. We have implemented accessibility-friendly seating features, providing users with the ability to easily locate and select seats that cater to their specific needs, such as wheelchair-accessible spaces or seats with improved visibility for individuals with visual impairments.

  3. Visually Appealing Interface: In a market crowded with uninspiring designs, our app stands out with its visually appealing interface. Our design team meticulously crafted a sleek and modern user interface, focusing on intuitive navigation, clear visual hierarchy, and engaging aesthetics. This attention to detail ensures a visually pleasing experience, enhancing user satisfaction and making the ticket ordering process an enjoyable one.


By incorporating these three distinctive features, our movie ticketing app offers a superior user experience, setting it apart from competitors and addressing the pain points identified during our research.

Competitive Audit

CA 4.png
CA 5.png


User Journey Map

I created a journey map to visualize the current user experience.


Scenario: Use the movie ticketing app to quickly order ideal seats for an in demand movie - Close Up

Ashley opens the app

Ashley is welcomed by notice that a newly released film is available

Ashley selects the film she wants to see

Ashley selects the seat she want to reserve

Ashley is met with a virtual view from the seat she selected

Ashley completes checkout and confirms her ticket order



A couple of early sketches for the homepage I drafted in order to determine where components would be best placed for the website.


In preparation for the Responsive UI portion, I extended the wireframes to display a more elaborate example of what each page on the app will display.

Responsive UI

To display how the website would behave on a mobile device, I made responsive designs for the homepage as well as one of the services pages.

Final Version

After numerous draft revisions I made slight adjustments over the design and updated certain aspects to reach our final result.
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