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Bring the good times with you anywhere. Anytime.


Blockbuster was the cornerstone of the movie rental business for many decades, a business that has

since been overtaken by alternatives such as video-on-demand and streaming services, the latter

of which reigning supreme amongst most film lovers.

My roles

Research, UX and UI design


In this mobile application, by implementing aspects

of both the original Blockbuster brick-and-mortar business model as well as more modern features

found often in streaming services I hope to combine both the old and the new for a nostalgic,

yet refreshing user experience.


Self-started project


The UI design research for the blockbuster streaming app involved a comprehensive exploration of user preferences and market trends in the modern-day streaming landscape. The objective was to create an intuitive and engaging user interface that offers a seamless streaming experience akin to popular platforms like Netflix.

Through primary and secondary research, valuable insights were gathered regarding user behaviors, content discovery patterns, and the importance of personalization. This research highlighted the significance of features such as personalized recommendations, easy navigation, and a visually appealing interface.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

I conducted market research in order to understand logistics industry standards and key features found on competitors websites that may appeal to clients. 

1. User-Friendly Interface: Simplicity and ease of use are crucial for a positive user experience. Research indicated that users preferred a clean and intuitive interface with clear navigation, minimalistic design elements, and easily accessible controls.

2.  Social Engagement Features: Research indicated that users appreciate social engagement features such as the ability to create and share watchlists, rate and review content, and engage in discussions with other users. Implementing these features could enhance the community aspect of the streaming service.


3. Efficient Content Discovery: Users desire effortless content discovery through well-organized categories, genre filters, and personalized playlists. The research highlighted the significance of providing multiple avenues for users to explore and find new movies and shows based on their interests.


Establishing a couple of early sketches to help me develop a rough understanding of the key features/components for the mobile app.

Responsive UI

To display how the application would behave on an iPhone, I made responsive designs for the homepage as well as one of the description pages.

Final Design

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