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A website for logistics company, offering innovative warehousing solutions.


Founded with the customer in mind, Fusion Transport represents the combination of two third-party logistics businesses, GTLi and Am Trans. After said combination, the company is looking to restructure its online presence.


Redesign the Fusion Transport website in a modern, user-friendly way that also stays true to the brand; Restructure site information and content.

My roles

Research, UX and UI design


For the redesign of a logistics company's website specializing in warehousing solutions, the design process commenced with comprehensive primary and secondary research. The objective was to gain profound insights into the logistics industry and comprehend how potential clients perceive and engage with warehousing services.

Recognizing the intricate and high-risk nature of logistics operations, the research indicated a necessity for an application process. This process would not only ensure the suitability of users for warehousing solutions but also enable a thorough understanding of the complexities and potential risks associated with such services.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

I conducted market research in order to understand logistics industry standards and key features found on competitors websites that may appeal to clients. 

1. User-Friendly Interface: The websites of competitors in the logistics industry emphasized user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, and responsive design to ensure a seamless browsing experience across different devices.​

2.  Warehouse Management Features: As a warehousing-focused logistics company, competitors' websites showcased key features related to warehouse management. These included inventory tracking, order fulfillment, stock management, and integration with e-commerce platforms.


3. Seamless Communication Channels: Effective communication is crucial in the logistics industry. Competitors' websites offered various communication channels such as contact forms or dedicated customer support numbers to ensure smooth interaction and prompt resolution of queries.




A couple of early sketches for the homepage I drafted in order to determine where components would be best placed for the website.

Responsive UI

To display how the website would behave on desktop, I made responsive designs for the homepage as well as one of the services pages.

Final Version

After numerous draft revisions and feedback working directly with the CEO and CIO of the company, I iterated over the design and updated certain aspects of the initial design.
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